How it works

How it works

We know life can be tricky. So we've made the whole deal quick, simple and hassle free.

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Takes less than 5 minutes to complete

Simply search for your phone to see how much it's worth. Choose one of our great payment methods, enter your details and job done!

Get that label and box it up

You'll get a choice to request a FREE label or you can print your own. You can use a box around the house or even use a free box when you head to the Post Office with the label and phone.


3Ship Time!
Send us your phone and relax

Once you packed and labelled the phone, just use your local Post Office to mail it our way and let them and then us handle the rest.

4Get Paid!
Within just a few days you will have that money

Once we receive your phone, we check your order and if all is correct we'll make payment on the same day or just a day or two after.