If I can not find my phone on the site, do you still buy it?

Probably not. We try our best to have all the phones we buy on this site but sometimes new phones come out faster than we can add them, or we forgot a model. In any case like this, I would tell you to contact us by going to our Contact Us page and sending us a message.

If my carrier is not listed for the phone I am trying to sell, do you still buy it?

Probably not. Carriers like Boost Mobile or Tracfone make it hard to buy their devices since they sell them brand new for such a low cost. They also tend to be the ones that are the hardest to unlock and resell. In the future we will more than likely open more carriers up to purchasing but until that time, what is listed is what we buy.

If my screen is blank or has parts you cant see, do you still buy it?

That depends. If the screen is blank when we receive it, if we can get it working again, we will contact you and try to get the iCloud or Google accounts removed from the device. If we can, we may even be able to pay you more than what you were looking at. Android devices are harder to buy at this rate than iPhones.

If my phone is liquid damaged but still works, do you still buy it?

Definitely not if the board on the inside shows liquid damage. Liquid damage for us is a no go no matter how much or how little since at any time parts can and will fail faster than if the phone shows no liquid damage. That does NOT mean if you dropped your phone in a liquid, to not try. We have seen some phones dropped in a liquid show no signs on the inside once we opened them up. So by all means, send it and if it shows something bad, we will let you know for sure.

What should I do before I wipe my phone and how do I wipe my phone?

Rule #1 is to remove your iCloud or Google account first. Simply go to your settings and look for accounts (Androids) or simply click your name at the top of the settings page (iPhones). Click Remove Account (Androids), and click Sign Out (iPhones). Make sure you are on Wifi if you are an iPhone user as you will need to put in your password to sign out fully. After signed out or removed, Android users only have to go to Settings and search for Factory Data Reset. iPhone users go to Settings, General, Reset, Erase All Contents and Settings.

Is my phone lightly used if it has paint peeling under the glass or missing from the sides?

Unfortunately no. Even small amounts of paint peeling under glass or off of the chrome around the screen makes it more averagely to heavily used. If paint is peeling from under the glass (Samsung Galaxy S6 and up, Note 5 and up have this issue), that is for sure classified as heavily used, no matter how the rest of the phone appears.

Is my phone averagely used if the screen is lifting off the frame?

Unfortunately not. A lifting screen usually indicates improper adhering to the frame due to debris or very inexpensive adhesive. Though there is a chance we can re-adhere it, there is a better chance that it is a permanent issue and the entire screen is useless to us.

Is my phone lightly used if the housing has dents or is bent but the screen is flawless?

Unfortunately not. Heavy damage like that requires us to change the housing no matter what. That classifies it as a heavily used device even though the rest of the phone may be flawless. This does NOT apply to small barely noticeable dents or bends.